Christine's Bookkeeping

Specializing In Small Business & Personal Bookkeeping

Owning a small business requires considerable attention to many aspects of  the business, especially the accounting functions. Many business owners choose  not to hire an internal full-time bookkeeper and rely on external partners to  provide the expertise required. The challenge is finding a firm that is capable  of providing bookkeeping services only, offers an exceptional level of  experience and service and has earned the trust of their clients through the  integrity of their work. After all, releasing and disclosing accounting records  is not easy for most business owners.

In this time of belt tightening and shrinking profit margins, you may have  the need for a per diem bookkeeper that can fulfill organizational needs in a  cost effective, timely and accurate manner. Founded by Christine De La Torre to  fulfill that niche, Christine's Bookkeeping offers a comprehensive service that  can be structured to meet your individual needs.


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